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Terms & Conditions

We want you all to enjoy your time in our field, so please abide by the following during your visit

Entering the Field
  • Please try to arrive on time. If the previous booking has overrun, please be polite and courteous, and allow them to safely secure their animals before opening the gate. There is limited space outside of the gate and passing can be tricky, so please be patient

  • Please keep dogs in the vehicle until you are inside the car park and both gates are closed

  • The main gate into field is fitted with a combination lock, and the code will be sent to you by email 2 hours before the start of your booking. If you have not received a code then please get in contact with us

Inside the Field
  • Runmoor Dog Park has a dog resistant perimeter fence on all sides. We actively encourage you to let your dogs off the lead to make the most of the space and freedom!

  • Our fields can get muddy, particularly in winter. We recommend you wear suitable footwear; Wellingtons are recommended, especially during winter months

  • We provide dog waste bins for your convenience. Please ensure you pick up after your dogs and leave the field and facilities as you would want to find them

  • Cold water is provided from our harvested rainwater tank, and this is for dogs only. Please bring your own dog bowls with you

  • Please use the litter bin provided

  • Snacks and small food items are allowed in the field, but please take home everything that you bring with you

  • Barbecues, gas stoves, naked flames, or fires of any kind are prohibited. Please do not smoke in the field or car park

  • Our dog walking field is for the use of dogs and dog owners. Well behaved children are welcome if they are supervised by an adult over 18 years. 
  • Our play equipment is designed for dogs. Children must be supervised at all times during the visit and you as their parent / guardian are fully responsible for their safety

  • Please do not allow your dogs to dig in our fields. Our fencing is comprehensive but dogs need to be supervised at all times, especially if they are prone to digging or climbing

  • We are a working farm and there may be livestock outside the field. Please try not to disturb any animals outside of the field boundary

  • We encourage you to bring dog toys with you. Anything you bring must be taken with you at the end of the session

  • Please try not to throw toys or any other possessions outside of the perimeter of the fence. We will endeavour to return any lost items but cannot accept responsibility for them

  • We provide access to a small pool for dogs to take a dip. For safety, this is in a fenced area. Please use the pool responsibly, keep an eye on any dogs or children while you are in there, and close the gate behind you when you leave

  • For animal health reasons, dogs suffering from illness, diarrhoea, sickness or any other illnesses should not be brought to Runmoor Dog Park

  • Drones are allowed, but must remain within the perimeter of the field at all times and conform to relevant laws. There are power lines running close to the field boundary which must be avoided.

  • Banned dog breeds are allowed in the field if they have a Certificate of Exemption, but it is the owner's responsibility to ensure that they are safe for all owners, dogs, and other occupants

Leaving the Field
  • Please have your dog back on the lead before opening the main field gate

  • After leaving the field, please secure the gate with the combination lock, ready for the next user

  • We recommend allowing at least 5 minutes for leaving the field. Remember that other users may be looking to get access for the start of their own session

  • We provide a dog washing station inside the car park area. We encourage users to make full use of this facility. The tap is fed from a rainwater fed tank, so please turn off the tap when you are finished

  • We do not provide any drying facilities, so please bring towels with you


By booking Runmoor Dog Park you are agreeing to our rules and our terms and conditions:

  • You accept full responsibility for the welfare, wellbeing and insurance of all people and animals using the field, which is provided at your own risk. We do not accept liability for any injury or loss to persons, possessions or animals whilst using our facilities  

  • Parking is at your own risk

  • Payments are not refundable. Once bookings are made, they cannot be altered. Please ensure you have the correct time and date before booking

  • All dogs are the responsibility of their owners

  • All food waste and drinks cartons must be removed from our premises. Only biodegradable poo bags can be left in our bins

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